I'm a web developer specializing in front-end development with interests in UI and UX design and web animation design and techniques. I enjoy participating in Ludum Dare game development competitions and experimenting with 3D printing.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Web/Software DeveloperGenesis RTS

    Nov, 2014 - Aug, 20161 year 8 months

    Front-end design and development on multiple web application products used by oil&gas companies for optimizing drilling processes.

    • Created interactive data visualizations using D3, Crossfilter, and other front-end technologies, collaborating with an agile team to develop approaches for processing, aggregating, and presenting large amounts of data in near-real-time.

    • Worked with users to ensure that our interface and workflows supported their goals when using the product, giving our products a user experience advantage over established competitors.

    • Worked with stakeholders to design and develop marketing materials.

  • Summer Fellowship and Research Assistant, Rice University AMRI

    Jun, 2014 - Nov, 20145 months

    Developed and produced low-cost 3D printed prosthetic hands in collaboration with Shriners Hospital for Children and the E-Nable project

    • Conducted user testing and gathered feedback from patients using our devices in order to iteratively tweak and refine the devices.

  • Web Development Intern, ARES Corporation

    Jun, 2012 - Dec, 20127 months

    Joined the International Space Station Program Integration & Control team developing websites for other NASA departments and exploring options for a potential change of CMS.

  • Freelance Web Designer/Developer, Dale Price Web Design

    Jan, 2008 - Jun, 20124 years 5 months

    • Built and maintained websites for clients including local businesses in Houston and organizations at Baylor University using custom WordPress themes and plugins

    • Developed a PHP-based web application to enable players of an online game to present data about themselves from the game's REST API.



  • Front end
  • Back end
  • DevOps
    DockerVagrantbasic Linux/UNIX server administration
  • Image & vector manipulation


  • Linguistics, Psychology, Classics, Bachelor, Baylor University

    Aug, 2009 - Dec, 2013



  • Game Development

    Ludum DarePhaser game engineImpactJS
  • 3D Printing

    RepRap Project